Best High-Risk Merchant Account Service Providers Of 2023

Best High-Risk Merchant Account Service Providers Of 2023

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Best High-Risk Merchant Account Service Providers Of 2023

Have you been facing trouble for keeping a merchant account or for being approved for your business because you have been labeled “high risk”, you may also have other options. There are other plenty of merchant account providers that comprehends the situations and offer services precisely for high risk industries & high risk businesses.

Here, take note of the absolute high risk merchant account service providers that are present to accommodate to your needs in high risk businesses


High risk merchant services


Why You Can Trust Our Advisor Small Business

The impeccable Advisor Small Business team is devoted to bring forth you unbiased rankings and details with complete editorial independence. We can use calculated methodologies, product data and skilled insights to update all of your content and guide you in building the best decisions for your business types & journey as high risk merchants.

We reviewed numerous risk high risk merchants account providers and corporations incorporating a comprehensive strategies to help you acquire the five best high risk merchant accounts providers. The ratings are founded on various factors that comprises of providing transaction fees, setup fees, contactless payments, transparent fee structure as well as invoicing.

If advanced features such as chargeback monitoring and offshore account support were accessible, plus authentic reviews of user from third-party webpages and financial institutions.

Top Five High Risk Merchant Accounts of 2023

Soar Payments:

Provider of merchant services

Highly recommended for United States-based businesses

SMB Global:

Incredibly best for international merchants

Incredibly best for international merchants


Overall-amazing service for all.


Best high risk Businesses merchant services by payment cloud

Host Merchant Services:

Merchant services by Host merchant

Amazing for high risk business or large scale business types

Durango Merchant Services:

Merchant Services by Durango

Best for highest-risk businesses and high risk merchant

Best for highest-risk business


high risk merchant services


risk merchant account providers


Payment processing solutions by SMB global


Host merchant services

Advisor Ratings:


Account providers

 What Is Known as a High Risk Merchant Account?


High risk business account providers

A payment processor may identify a merchant account as precarious or high-risk only if they’ve decided your business account is at higher risk for fraud, high volume of returns or even chargebacks. The bigger the risk, the toughest it will be to find payment processing service provider or even traditional bank.

However, don’t dwell about it, as many wholesalers are skilled in serving high-risk business.

Top Five Reasons a Merchant Be Classified In High Risk Category


High risk category

There are various reasons a payment processing organizations may classify your account as high risk. All merchant account providers have a different set of criteria for their high risk merchant services.

But here are some basic outlines around what may be considered high risk merchant in accordance with risk merchant accounts providers:

· High Transaction Volume:

Merchants are typically classified at high-risk only if they have a high average transaction or high volume transaction history.

For instance, if a merchant accounts transact up to $20,000 in monthly payments, or even if have an average transaction of $500 or even more then it may be known as high-risk.

· Accepting international payments.


Accept international payments

If a merchant sells to customers internationally in countries that are listed as high risk of fraud, they may be known as high-risk except the following countries aka United States, Japan, Canada, Australia or the countries in Europe.

·  New merchant.

In case, a merchant has never made any heavy transactions in past or only has a short history of making transactions, they may be known as high risk merchants only because of not having enough track record of transactions processing history.

·  High-risk industry.

At times, a merchant has a flawless record, yet they get classified as high-risk due to their industry as there is higher chance of fraud, chargebacks or even returns.

Typically, subscription-based companies are recognized as high risk as many individuals sign up for a trial or for anything else and then forget to cancel their payments. Just a glance at their bank statements and notice their forgotten already paid) charges. Usually, they charge their payment back.

· Low credit scores:

The major credit cards payments can also be the reason for a merchant to be labelled at high risk categories for account providers.

Additional Risk Factors

There are various other instances where you can get high risk merchant account, high risk business account services easily. These are comprised of processing setup fee, soar payments, trading high ticket pieces as in cbd merchant account etc or just being a first-hand object or entity. Working with businesses considered high risk almost each day to get the best merchant accounts for high-risk clients and have been for the last fifteen years! Working with merchants that other processors decline to work with is not easy but high risk specialists are there to take elevated risks.

 Types of Business Usually Considered High-Risk

It’s useful to know beforehand regarded your industry is known as high risk businesses so you can plan accordingly. Some of high risk business that usually fall into this category also consist of these following high risk accounts:

·    Travel as in airlines, cruises as well as vacation planners

·   Subscription services and organizations that provide recurring payment plans

·   Online dating applications business

·   Multilevel Marketing business high risk

·   Gambling

·   Furniture and electronic stores

·    E-commerce

·   E-cigarette, cannabidiol (CBD) as well as vape businesses

·  Debt collection

·   Adult industry

How to Select a High-Risk Account Service Provider


Fraud prevention by high risk merchant accounts

Make sure to go through the contract carefully before you select a payment processor or account providers. Usually, all high risk payment processors platform, other financial institutions and banks are different and also have different conditions for the merchant account providers they might consider high risk at the time of transaction fees.

When you are looking out for best high risk merchant account service provider or even mid risk merchants or low risk businesses type should consider the following:

·         Who does the vendor accept?

The account providers that specify in high-risk merchants don’t accept all types of business. If you are an offshore organization with poor credit or run a high risk business, then look out for vendors who are familiar with the work situationship that involves management in business high risk and have fair knowledge about credit card payments.

·         Higher fees.

Vendors usually balance their risk in helping your high risk businesses by getting high risk merchant accounts fees which is higher than low risk merchants might be paying.

Your credit score matters.

A business’s bad credit score or even business owner’s score could have an approval odds for merchant account. If you got rejected merchant accounts, you may have to work on your bad credit score for a better chance.

Once you have applied for a merchant account then you will have to submit tax documents as well as business details to your respected merchant services. Your application has been processed, the payment gateway provider will assess whether you are a low risk or high risk merchant and accommodate their plan and look out for fraud prevention.

High-Risk Means Higher Fees

All credit card processing platforms are mostly different. However, high-end risk merchant accounts will be the subject of higher fees of the board. Usually, the charged fees for processing all the transactions will always be greater.

At times, it is twice the amount of low risk merchant accounts. But the low risk merchants are also obligated to pay a chargeback fee or application or setup fees (a fee you pay usually a customer pays the charge via credit card), high risk specialists usually have to pay higher chargeback fees as well to avoid elevated risk in high risk businesses.

A high-risk merchant is always obliged to get into longer duration of contract terms, yearly fee or monthly or even early termination fee. High-risk accounts may also be subject to a rolling reserve, where the usual payment processor holds a specific percent of your household until it can further confirm your dealings were not fake or at risk of chargeback.


A flow chart representing how high risk businesses account providers works

High-Risk vs. Low-Risk Merchant Accounts


Rates for high risk merchant services

Below are mentioned basic characteristics that make a merchant low risk to a payment processor. Low risk merchants usually have:

·         Very low or zero chargebacks and a low percentage of returns

·         Operations in one country that is labeled low risk (the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia and the countries in Europe)

·         One currency

·         Low transaction volume (less than $20,000 per month)

·         Industries labeled low-risk

·         Average transactions under $500

Do not forget that your risk status might change your business as develops. For instance, if you had a good year in terms of revenue then your provider may start considering your business to be at high-risk or require high risk merchant services.

Or, if you expand to work in various countries, or move industries, a payment processor might view this as a top tier risk. If this happens, your payment processor will either drop you as a client and then you would have to look for a new merchant account provider to to help you in payment gateways, online payments, credit card processing, and overall high risk payment processors.


While looking out for vendors that are a perfect option for high risk merchant accounts, the Advisor researched the industry and also analyzed few different providers. Businesses in high-risk industries have different needs than typical business as they deal with high risk payment gateway.

Then, we provide to how great they scored in five categories of features with the help of 15 various metrics that were weighted to beneficial features that high risk categories small business owners get significant in a provider. We have mentioned the following analysis of the sorts to rank the merchant account provider that made the top of the list in dedicated merchant account.


There are numerous customers or consumers that value a transparent fee structure. Companies that also provide the details right on were rated far better than if getting in touch with a representative if required.

Online payments

Companies that provides online quotes regarded their pricing also fared better in our ratings. Pricing accounted for 10% of our weighted scoring as payment service provider and payment processing solutions.


Distinctive businesses will have different levels of requirements. Corporations that have versatile options to fulfill those needs got higher scores. We looked for features that were comprised of a invoicing, data exports, dashboard, contactless payments, and chargeback monitoring and even fast deposits.

Multiple Channels of Payment gateway solutions

In addition, having dependable, accessible support, including offshore account support, is crucial when things go crooked. Companies with multiple channels of communication available were rated far better than those only relied on restricted channels. We biased features at 60% of our whole score.


Payment service providers

Third-party Reviews:

We also read reviews from customers and third-party appraisals to see what authentic users think of the services. Companies were rated on the number of reviews and average rating. We looked at top review sites such as Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau (BBB, and Capterra.

Reviews provided by authentic users that scored high (4 out of 5 or higher) fared better in our rankings. These accounts were scored for 15% of the whole score.

Expert Analysis

The final review was based on at a high risk merchant service provider’s authenticity, reliability and stand-out functionality as noted by real users to figure our expert’s score, made up the total 15% of the score.


Accept online payments platforms

Important Documents to Apply For a high risk merchant account

In case, you are about to considering to apply for a high risk merchants account, be ready to have specific documents and detailed information regarding your business. Below are few unavoidable details and documents that they may need include:

1.  Business Details:

You will require your business title, address, contact details as well as account number.

2.  Business Bank Account Details:

You will require your business bank account details, comprising the bank name, account number, as well as routing number.

3.  Business License:

All merchants must have a legal business authorization in their respective industries. You should have a copy of your business license to get a high-risk merchant account.

4.   Identification Documents:

You do require a copy of your government-issued identification, as in your passport or driver’s license.

5.  Processing History:

If you have a present merchant account then you may be indebted to provide fine points of your chargeback history for the past 3 to 6 months.

6.  Chargeback History:

You need to have particular facts for your chargeback history for the past 3 to 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About High-Risk Merchant Account Services

Why I should have a merchant account?

You will require a merchant account if you want your business to be accepting credit and debit cards. A merchant account works as a bridge to withdraw funds between you and your customer’s bank accounts and depositing those funds into your business’s bank account.

How you can Get Started with

It is super easy to get started with this platform. Comply the three easy simple steps:


Contact by going to the website or calling their customer service team. The customer representative team would assist you with all the required details and guide you through the ongoing process.

Important Details:

Give with all the required details regarding your business, as in your business type, expected chargeback, processing volume, and fraud rates.

Customize Your Payment Solutions

Work with Highriskpay to personalize your payment solutions to meet your particular needs of your high risk business.

Accept Payments:

Once you have personalized all of the above via host merchant services or high risk provider, you can begin to accept payments from your customers.

What types of businesses are known as ‘high risk’?

Numerous businesses can be classified into high-risk category. For instance, it comprises of accounts such as debt collection; adult industry; CBD merchant account and vape shops; e-commerce ; electronic and furniture stores ; multilevel marketing (MLM) ; gambling ; subscription services, online; travel as in cruises, airlines, vacation planes as well as companies with existing payment processing solutions.

How can I have a high-risk merchant account?

Search for a vendor that works in high-risk merchants as in present in the list. You can typically fill in the application online although you would have to finish your application with physical paperwork with some vendors.

There are many factors to be considered at the time of approval such as your industry, credit score, credit repair, high risk pay and location.

How about Square, Stripe and PayPal? Do these platforms work with/accept high-risk merchant accounts?

Sadly, all of the aforementioned and any other online payment gateway that does not work with high risk businesses. For instance, the three mentioned payment processors aka risk merchant account providers does not work with any merchant accounts for gambling, adult entertainment, or even CBD companies – to name a few. They have extreme restrictive policies on this subject.

Do you want an alternative account for a PayPal, Stripe or even Square? Well, this blog does mention many authentic platforms that offers payment gateway solutions and high-risk merchant accounts to all types of business from all verticals. These mentioned platforms doesn’t discriminate. They offer transparent, fair pricing for high risk merchants. Mostly, you will not even have to pay a setup fee or even application fee.

What are the charges for high-risk merchant account cost?

Fees for high-risk merchant accounts are different for each business and vendor. It is easy to get preapproved charges by submitting an application with a vendor. Well, some of the vendors list their pricing right on their websites. High-risk merchant accounts will surely charge more transaction fees as comparatively low-risk accounts.

What are the exact fees for high-risk merchant account fees?

Keep in mind, you have to pay higher fees than other merchant. You would have to pay a setup fee to just open your merchant account and even submit a termination fee to close it as well as per-transaction fees, chargeback fees and terminal fees (for in-person payments).

Why I need to apply for a high risk merchant account?

Get your details such as bank account detail, routing number, EIN (Employer identification number), PCI (Payment Card Industry), any government licenses associated with your business, financial statements as in account fees, business types, early termination fees, card not present transactions, soar payments, chargeback protection and compliance requires a high risk specialist.


High risk payment gateway


As a high risk merchant merchant, it is crucial to work with a payment processor that knows and can handle all the unique requirements of your business. The website provide tailored payment solutions that cater to the particular needs of high risk industries. These comprised of numerous payment options, chargeback management and prevention, experience in high risk industries, and fraud prevention as well as management services. This is the best way to for a platform to make it easy in the beginning, and high-risk merchants can quickly start accepting payments from their customers.


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