Turn off flashlight on iPhone 12

How to Turn Off the Flashlight on an iPhone 12

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The lock screen of your iPhone has one of the fastest way but ”open the Control Center” has the ability, too.

Top Three Ways to Turn Off flashlight on iphone:

We explain 3 ways to turn off the iPhone 12 flashlight also explore two different methods. To gain better & more controls over the flashlight and learn to prevent future accidentally – activations, simply follow these steps:

How to Turn the Flashlight Off on an iPhone 12

An iPhone 12 provides numerous methods to turn on the flashlight whereas you can choose to turn it off from following methods:

Turn Off iPhone 12 Flashlight from Lock Screen

One of the most general ways the iPhone 12 flashlight turns on, incidentally is through the flashlight button, on the iPhone flashlight lock screen. Here’s how to turn off flashlight on iphone 12:


1- Take your iPhone, touch the screen, or hold the Side button. Once you do that, it will cause the iPhone lock screen to turn the flashlight.

2- To activate the flashlight, tap the flashlight icon present in lower left corner. Once activated, the icon will turn white, indicating that the flashlight is on. Hold down the icon for a brief period until you perceive or experience the force feedback.

3-  Once you remove your finger from the screen, the flashlight icon will deactivate, appearing in a gray color. This visual change signifies that the flashlight has been successfully turned off.

Turn Off iPhone 12 Flashlight from Control Center

Check out other fast and simple or effortless way to turn off the phones 12 flashlight is to utilize iphone’s Control Center. Here’s how:


1. Take your Iphone, touch the screen, or press down the Side button.

2.  Upon completing the aforementioned actions, the iPhone lock screen will illuminate.

3.  Scroll down from the top right corner or upper right corner and open the control center. The flashlight button will be displayed in white to to turn on iphone’s flashlight.

4.  Long press the flashlight symbol to turn off the flashlight (the flashlight icon will be turned to dark gray).

Disable Tap-to-Wake to Prevent Unintentional Activation of Flashlight

The iphone flashlight can be turned on in accidentally in your bag or pocket when you unintentionally press the flashlight icon on the lock screen. To prevent such incidents, you can disable the feature that allows the lock screen to be activated simply as you tap display or raising the iPhone

1-  Open the settings app on your iPhone.

2-  Locate and tap “Accessibility” option.

3- In the Accessibility settings app search and select the “Touch” option.

4-  Scroll then Swipe to Wake slider to off/gray.

By following these steps, tapping the screen will no longer activate the lock screen. Instead, you will need to click the Slide button to access it. This setup reduces the likelihood of accidentally long press the led flash or flashlight icon.

Disable Raise phone to Prevent Unintentional Activation of Flashlight

1-  Tap touch accessibility settings and then go back to Settings app.

2- Tap on the brightness & display settings.

3-  Deactivate the Raise to Wake feature by sliding the toggle to the off/green position. This adjust will necessitate pressing the Side button to wake up the phone, thereby preventing the lock screen from being activated by iPhone motion. Additionally, it will reduce the risk of unintentionally activating the light, torch on phone.


What could be the cause of the malfunctioning flashlight on my iPhone?

Several factors could contribute to the malfunctioning of the flashlight on an iPhone, including software bugs, hardware problems, and changes in settings. To resolve the problem, comply these steps in order:

Follow the Six Steps Mentioned Below:

· Ensure that your iPhone has sufficient battery charge.

·Disable Low Power button Mode if it is enabled, as it may affect the flashlight functionality

· Restart your iPhone to refresh its system processes and settings.

· If needed, perform a hard reset on your iPhone by following the appropriate steps for your model.

· Consider resetting your iPhone settings to their default configuration if the issue persists.

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, you can try restoring your iPhone from a previous backup as a last resort.

Where is the flashlight on my iphone?

Tap on an iPhone, search the flashlight, it is located in close proximity to the rear camera lenses. While the exact placement may vary slightly depending on the model, it is typically a smaller white dot positioned alongside the camera app lenses. Tap the flashlight icon on home screen. It is so significant to not make eye contact with flashlight while you access it, as it radiates a bright light, brightness that can be intense.

It is important to avoid direct eye contact with the flashlight when activating it, as it emits a bright light, brightness that can be intense.

How to Turn the Flashlight On iphone & Off Using Siri on iphone or ipad pro

You can wake Siri to turn the flashlight on. It can save you the trouble of fumbling around with your iPhone in the night. There are two ways to turn the flashlight on and off using Siri:

Using the voice command:

Activate hey siri by saying “Hey Siri ” then say Turn the flashlight or holding down the Side or Home screen button (depending on your iPhone model) until hey siri is activated.

Once Siri is activated, simply say “Turn on the flashlight” to turn it on or “Turn off the flashlight” to turn it off. Hey Siri turn, will execute the command accordingly.

Using the button shortcut:

Try this shortcut:

Hold down the Side or Home button on top right corner on home screen (depending on your iPhone model) to activate Siri.

Once Siri is activated, you can either say “Turn on the flashlight” or directly say “Flashlight on” to turn it on. Similarly, say “Turn off the flashlight” or “Flashlight off” to turn off torch. Siri will respond accordingly and perform the requested action.

Lost the Flashlight Icon? Here’s How to Add it Back to the Control Center

What to do if you don’t have flashlight icon or torch symbol available on the Control Center? You need to revive the flashlight on you Control Center menu of the Settings application. Toggle between the settings as outlines below to access your missing flashlight icon back on ipad or phones:

1-  Go to the Setting applications

2-  Open Control Center

3-  Tap the flashlight icon and touch on the green circle

A Quick Trick for Turning the Flashlight Off

Tap Control Center and do not fumble on the right icon to turn off the flashlight can be a bit of hassle to many individuals-especially for those who haven’t enable access to Control Center from Lock Screen or even haven’t enable Hey Siri on their iphone. Here’s how you can turn off iPhone’s flashlight without even opening the Control Center.

Follow The Three Simple Steps:

1- Both the camera flashlight and flash on your iPhone share the same bulb. To quickly turn off the flashlight, open the Camera application. However, keep in mind that you need to unlock your iPhone first.

2-  Swipe left from the Lock Screen to open the Camera app, but release the swipe before fully reaching the app.

3-  Tap the flashlight on your iPhone will be automatically turned off while you are still on the Lock Screen.


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