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Katy Kellner Bio: Early Life, Husband, Baby & Net Worth

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Katy Kellner is a popular personal trainer, former teacher and a fitness enthusiast. But she got famous or caught the public attention after being in a relationship with NFL player, Shannon Sharpe.

You must be familiar with the line: Money and fame are very tricky and incongruous?

This was proven true in the case of Shannon Sharpe, who couldn’t safeguard his relationship with Katy Kellner.

Neither fame nor any amount of money could buy you real love. Besides, the thing about love is, it happens in its own time, whether one is looking for it or not.

Katy Kellner- famous fitness coach

Once you get to experience beautiful love and incase that doesn’t end well then you find yourself regretting the choice to pursue it. The pain of not being loved can overshadow every emotion. That’s when we begin to question our worth and everything else.

Today, we will only be discussing about the life of Katy. That’s why we have to mention about Shannon too. The couple was literally inseparable in the beginning but then got separate and as they begin to see the life in different light.

The break-up happened so sudden that impacted Sharpe’s popularity. However, Kellner definitely got the most out of her short-lived fame and love life with Shannon.

Here, we will discuss regarding the controversial yet glamorous Katy, her relationship, present and past life.

Quick Facts About Katy:

Full Name  Katy Kellner
Age 42 Years Old
Born year 1981
Birthplace USA
Weight 56.6 kg/125 lb.
Height 5’6″/1.67 m/167 cm
Horoscope Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Profession Educationist; Fitness Instructor
Relationship Status Married
Husband Luis Castillo
Ex-Boyfriend(s) Marlon Byrd (Former), Shannon Sharpe (Former)
Son Jaden Charles Byrd (December 7, 2018)
Profession Educationist; Fitness Instructor
Education Elmhurst College; Troy University
Salary N/A
Net worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram
Last Update May 2023

Kellner Childhood, Ethnicity & Education

No one knows really much about Katy Kellner’s childhood days. That’s why it is hard to tell about the exact birthday, details about her parents or even possible siblings.

But we live in a world of internet therefore there is a bit of information about her educational background.

She went to Elmhurst College to get a degree in Bachelor in Arts. Afterwards, she got admission at Troy University, where she did her master’s. She got it in Instructional Technology.

Later on, she pursue her career as a full time school teacher.

About Height, Age & Physical Measurements

The gorgeous Katy Kellner birth year is1981. Therefore, she is 42 years old- current year.

No one knows Kellner exact date of birth. Therefore, Kellner zodiac is unknown.

Besides, Kellner’s has a healthy living lifestyle. Therefore, you can’t really see any signs of aging. To be precise, she is a well-known fitness coach and eat a nutritious diet & off course trains her body frequently.

Katy with her-then fiancé  Shannon Sharpe

Maybe it was Kellner’s healthy living style that caught the eye of Sharper as her appearance as a fitness coach is quite magnetic.

Most importantly, Katy’s peculiar part of her physical appearance is her brunette-gingerish hair, muscular athletic, and square facial structure.


Katy started her professional journey as a teacher. She began to teach at Fulton Public School as soon as she got her degree in Master’s from Troy University. She worked full time as a teacher for a full 9 years.

Do you know what the great part is? She was just a normal teacher at Fulton Public School until she got engaged to Shannon. She was happy being a teacher and living off a teacher’s salary serving the students of Fulton Public School.

That’s inspiring! However, the public opinion on Sharpe connection with Kellner was a bit different. They were all a bit surprised from their equation as their occupations were totally different.

Katy as a part-time instructor at Flywheel Sports

Katy is a renowned fitness coach who fell in love with bodybuilding and made it her lifestyle.

Therefore, the career as a fitness expert has been the best for in a long run. Kellner also used to work as a part-time instructor at Flywheel Sports and also operated as a regional director.

There was a point when a cycle bar Flywheel, also hired her as a regional manager. Kellner furthermore runs the Thousand Oaks Gym that is located California.

Income & Net Worth

Accordingly to authentic sources, Katy has astounding new worth of $1 million-in 2023.

For a fitness coach and advisor that’s not bad at all. Indeed, such net worth is commendable.

The webpage, the ordinary primary school teacher median annual salary is around $46K whereas the highest salary is around $75K. It is safe to say that she would have earned almost similar amount as a teacher.

When she changed her career to bodybuilding then Kellner definitely earned higher wages.

Kellner-as a regional manager position at Flywheel at Avalon

America is a country where gym lifestyle thrive each year, the gym-goers growths is rapid. If you see the accounts and charges per person, the owner does get a high revenue annually. Thus, Kellner earns a hefty sum yearly.

Katy’s Thousand Oaks Gym charges are different. For a single day you get to pay $1.5 and for basic membership, charges are $2. The All-Access Membership average per person are up to $547.5 annually.

Her working as a regional manager position at Flywheel at Avalon could also be the reason for her net worth.

Personal Life, Relationships & Finance

Let’s begin with, the American fitness coach and advisor got the public eye when she got engaged to Shannon Sharpe (an ex NFL Denver Broncos).

Shannon is looked upon as one of the uppermost close-fitting ends of all time. He’s also been a past analyst for CBS Sports.

Sharpe has been a wonderful co-host on Fox Sports with Skip Bayless since 2016 on a show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed”.

Katy and Shannon at an event

Well, Katy and Shannon first meet up was at the gym. They both got along really well and found instant fondness for each other.

They had a good time and after going on a handful dates, the couple announced their engagement in 2016. Thereafter, both went to parties, events and every other gatherings together.

However, not all modern fairy tale have happy endings, the case was similar with Shannon and Katy as well.

In a shocking announcement, it was revealed that Katy was carrying someone else’s baby and naturally, Sharpe cut ties Katy.


Circumstantial, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Kellner told the world about her son’s father, who was none-other than Marlon Byrd who is also co-owner of Thousand Oaks.

At first, everyone had assumed naturally that Shannon is the father but the image shared on social media by Katy surprised all.

Katy and Marlon welcomed their son Jaden Charles Byrd on December 7, 2018. Unfortunately, the couple parted their ways after a while.

Presently, Katy is thankfully married to Luis Castillo. The available details, Luis is a policeman and also plays football.

She proclaimed her engagement with Castillo through her social media via Instagram post exactly on January 10, 2021.

Happily married Katy with Luis and her son Jaden

The post was followed by a romantic captions, quoting here, “” Forever 01.07.2021 will go down as one of the best days of my life. Can’t wait to become Mrs. Castillo! I love you”.

They both happily got married in July 2021. Luis announced on his Instagram regarded his wedding, with his lovable best friend. He trusts that he had done something good as he got to spend his life with her.

Inspite of many controversies and having a history of love life, Katy is happily married and lives with her amazing husband and son. Luis also has a reputation of maintaining a good relationship with Jaden.

Social Media Presence

Katy Kellner has an active presence on Instagram. She posts quite regularly mainly about fitness tips and tricks and her routine workouts on her platform.

Katy also shares images of her adorable son on her insta.

Instagram: 13.4k followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the relationship status of Katy Kellner?

Katy Kellner is happily married to Luis Castillo in July 2021.

Does Katy Kellner have a child?

Yes. She got pregnant with co-owner of her gym aka Marlon Byrd in 2018. Her son name is Jaden Charles Byrd.

Does Shannon and Katy are still together?

Nope, Katy Kellner and Shannon Sharpe parted their ways in early 2018.

Is Katy the owner of Thousand Oaks Gym?

Accordingly the authentic sources, Katy Kellner was the co-founder of Thousand Oaks Gym with Marlon Byrd.


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